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The broadly known and often feared “Special Credit Report” seldom leaves more than one entrepreneur without a good night’s sleep when they’ve planned to ask for a loan. If you are one of these people, you’re in the right place to know everything you have to know about this institution and the role that it takes in your financial future.

Let’s start by establishing that the “Special Credit Report” is not a public organism. In fact, it is constituted by the SIC (Sociedades de Información Crediticia) in Spanish, which are organisms that collect credit information. The three SIC that operate in Mexico are: Trans Union, Dun & Bradstreet and “Círculo de Crédito.”

These institutions collect, organize and keep credit information safe of each and every person and enterprise within the Mexican territory with banking institutions or not.

That is to say, if you have once asked for a loan, a credit card, received an auto loan, contracted a mobile or television plan, surely you’re registered in the Special Credit Report.

The important thing to understand here is that being registered is not something negative, as we will describe briefly what do these SIC do exactly.



What Does The Special Credit Report Do?

These group of private companies work exclusively to have a registry of the credit behavior of people and companies in Mexico.

If you want to know if your enterprise or if you are in the data base of the Credit Report, you can ask for a Special Credit Report, in Spanish a “Reporte de Crédito Especial “RCE” in the official webpage of BDC (“Buró de Crédito”) which is the Credit Bureau in Mexico. The online reports are free every 12 months, there you’ll be able to verify your historical credit report with all the details. It is important to know that you can buy several reports a year.

The moment you ask for you RCE, Credit Bureau will verify your identity by asking for information about your loans, therefore it is a good idea to have all your data prepared. Once you have requested it, the RCE will arrive within the next 5 working days.

It’s important to understand that the BDC is an institution completely impartial and will never decide whether your company will receive a loan or not. However, the different financial service providers will take into account the Special Credit Report to grant a credit or else.

Suppose that you request for an entrepreneurial loan to a bank. Once you’ve made the paperwork, the financial institution will be able to ask for your credit history to verify how punctual you’ve been with the compromises you’ve acquired. In short, it all depends in you.


What Information Appears In The Special Credit Report?


Credit Information Societies are very efficient when it comes to collecting information, and the RCE has all the details about the financial compromises acquired the last 72 months (6 years) depending on the amount.

For instance, you’ll be able to see when did you first appeared in the Credit Bureau data base, the company that registered you, the amount, duration, payments and all data related with the operation. Within them, you must pay attention to three symbols:


Everything up do date


Backlog from 1 to 89 days


Backlog greater to 90 days or unpayable debts

One of these three icons will appear next to a summary of every one of your credits, the status in the Credit Bureau is updated every month.


How Can I Improve My Chances To Receive A Credit?

To improve your BDC score, there’s no secret or shortcut. Simply you have to fulfill all your financial compromises acquired in time, including having the data and TV plan paid up to date. In fact, it is important to comply with all your payments punctually because even one day backlogs will appear in the RCE.

However, everyone can go through a rough financial path and fail to fulfill one or two payments. The best in this case is not to cry over it and focus on being up to date with every debt.

Be aware that it is the enterprises that provide the loans and that have every power in the decision. If they see that even though you have a two-year backlog and have fulfilled all your debts most of the time, the most probable thing is that you’ll pass the analysis.

Just be reminded that a good BDC score is no guarantee to be given a credit for your company. After all, the RCE is only one of the indicators used by financial service enterprises to have a resolution.


What Happens If There’s An Error In My RCE?

In case of a mistake in your Special Credit Report, you must go to the company that gave you the credit and try to search for a solution. These procedures are called “Claims” and are used to correct errors.

However, there are cases where the institutional service company does not accept the claim. If this happens you can ask to be incorporated to a “Statement” explaining the situation about the Special Credit Report.

It is important to know that you’re not completely in hands of financial institutions, there are mechanisms to protect the consumer.

How To Get Out Of The Credit Bureau?

The Credit Bureau will maintain a registry of all the bank and non-bank credits of all the enterprises according to the articles 23 and 24 of the Regulatory Law of the SIC. Moreover, it must be taken into account the rule 12 of the 27/2008 Bank of Mexico memorandum:

Depending on the credit amount, the BDC will erase:

  1. In 12 months: debts equal or less than 25 UDIS.
  2. In 24 months: debts between 26 and 500 UDIS.
  3. In 48 months: debts between 501 and 1000 UDIS.
  4. In 72 months: debts minor than 400 000 UDIS.
  5. Will not be erased: debts greater than 400 000 IDIS.

*Inversion Unity (UDI)

The time will start to run once the obligation has been canceled or when the credit entities have reported a “non-stop lack of payment” to the Credit Bureau.

Although it is technically possible to be out of the Credit Bureau data base without paying the debt, it is important to understand that until the time of the registry exists, it will be almost impossible to acquire a new loan.

Moreover, not being in the Credit Bureau is almost as bad as having a bad score of non-payment. If the bank you’re asking a credit can’t evaluate your credit behavior, it’ll have to decide blindly.


Do Alternative Methods Exist To Be Out Of The Credit Bureau?

The short answer is no. The only way of your registry being disappeared is only if the compromise has been concluded or the regulatory time has passed.

Surely you’ll have encountered with advertisements of “experts” that assure being capable of deleting you from the SIC data base in exchange for money, ¡beware! Such individuals take advantage of people’s desperation in order to make a fraud.

If your Special Credit Report looks not so good, but your business has been working correctly the last 3 to 6 months, I urge you to consider the online financial services for business by Aspiria.

If you demonstrate that your company has had a good money flow plus demonstrating that a capital injection will make your enterprise more profitable, the most likely thing is that your request will be approved.

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments!



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