Instituciones que regulan las instituciones de préstamos


In every sector of the Mexican economy, there is a regulatory entity, who protects the users’ rights among other things. These referees are extremely necessary for the right functioning of the system, especially in the business credit industry.

As a fact, every entrepreneur should search for financing at a point in his career. Thus, choosing the correct provider to acquire an entrepreneurial credit will be the difference between expanding the business and living a nightmare for months or even years.

In Mexico, there are so many companies that offer this kind of services that it is difficult to know which is the correct one for the company. Moreover, the interest rates associated with the business loans vary between the 12% and the 98%, according to a report made by “el Financiero”.

If you want to be part of the business group that makes their companies grow with capital injections, you should make decisions based on data. For this, you’ll need a trustworthy and updated source of information, who’s a better option than the institute that regulates credit businesses? Let’s start to know the public organism in charge of this labor.


La Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (CONDUSEF) is in charge of supervising and regulating finance institutions such as Banks and loan companies.

The institution started to operate in April 19th 1999, since then it has protected more than 12 million conflict cases and misdeeds that involved enterprises in the Mexican Finance System. However, CONDUSEF is not the only place to file a complaint when a financial group is not doing things in the best way.

What makes this commission so special are the tools at the disposition of the final consumer. A good example are the many procedures you can file with this institution, we’ll mention some down below.

What services does CONDUSEF offer?

En la página oficial de CONDUSEF, puedes realizar trámites y acceder a diferentes servicios usando una plataforma que ellos llaman “Ventanilla Única Nacional”. Hay muchas opciones disponibles para todos los usuarios:

  1. ¿Quieres saber qué empresas ofrecen servicios financieros en México? Entra al Sistema de Registro de Prestadores de Servicios Financieros (SIPRES)
  2. Presenta tus quejas contra despachos de cobranza en Registro de Despachos de Cobranza (REDECO)
  3. Si eres un ente financiero y no sabes a quien acudir para resolver un problema, visita el Registro de Información de Unidad Especializada (REUNE)
  4. ¿Estás harto de recibir publicidad de empresas intentando venderte servicios financieros? Apúntate en el Registro Público de Usuarios que no desean información publicitaria de Productos y Servicios Financieros (REUS)
  5. ¿Quieres saber que comisiones cobran los bancos y entidades similares? Ve al Registro de Comisiones (RECO)
  6. Si quieres saber que instituciones bancarias han tenido problemas con sus clientes por alguno de sus productos o servicios, puedes visitar el Sistema Arbitral
  7. Si crees ser beneficiario de alguna cuenta o seguro de vida, pero no estás seguro, verifica en CONDUSEF en Línea

Estas son solo algunas de las opciones más populares que ofrece la página de CONDUSEF. Si quieres ver todo el catalogo, puedes ir a este link.

Las opciones antes mencionadas son útiles para el público en general, pero CONDUSEF también tiene una herramienta específicamente hecha para personas que están buscando un proveedor de créditos. El Buró de Entidades Financieras es una plataforma dirigida por CONDUSEF que recopila y analiza toda la información de desempeño de las diferentes compañías que ofrecen servicios financieros, incluyendo servicios, tarifas, problemas con la ley y un largo etcétera.



In the official webpage of CONDUSEF, you can file up procedures and access different services using a platform they call “Ventanilla Única Nacional” (Unique National Counter). There are many options at the users’ disposal:

  1. Want to know which companies offer financial services in Mexico? Enter the “Sistema de Registro de Prestadores de Servicios Financieros”, Registry System of Financial Service Lenders (SIPRES).
  2. File your complaints against Debt Collectors Offices in the “Registro de Despachos de Cobranza”, Debt Collectors Registry (REDECO).
  3. If you’re a financial entity and you don’t know who to address in order to solve a problem, visit the “Registro de Información de Unidad Especializada”, Specialized Information Unit Registry (REUNE).
  4. Are you tired of receiving advertising from financial service companies? Sign-up to the registry of users that don’t desire advertising information about Products and Financial Services (REUS).
  5. Want to know which commissions banks and similar entities charge? Go the the Comission Registry (RECO).
  6. If you want to know which banking institutions had problems with their clients due to some products or services, you can visit the Sistema Arbitral, Arbitrary System.
  7. If you believe to be the beneficiary of an account or a life assurance, but you’re not sure you can verify in Online CONDUSEF.

These are only some of the most popular options that the CONDUSEF webpage offers. If you want to review the whole catalogue, you can visit this link.

The options mentioned before are useful to the general public, but CONDUSEF also has a specific tool made for people that are searching for a credit supplier. The Financial Entities Bureau is an online platform managed by CONDUSEF which collects and analyzes all the performance information from different companies that offer financial services, including tariffs, law problems and a very long etc.

This tool shows the service suppliers as they are, the good and the bad. Because of this, it is a forceful stop to any person that has taken a decision to acquire a credit.

It is important to understand that the platform only has informational motives. Any other procedure that you’ll want to take with CONDUSEF, you’ll have to do it in the webpage we mentioned before.

Although the information obtained here is useful, the terminology can be confusing to most of the people that don’t have a training in the financial field. Lucky for us, CONDUSEF thought about that and stablished an educational program for all ages called “Educa tu Cartera”, Train Your Wallet.

Learn About the Mexican Financial System For Free

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever. The famous expression applies perfectly to the financial world, but in most people, acquiring financial education is out of reach…or maybe not?

CONDUSEF has an educational program called “Educa tu Cartera” which trains users of all ages to make better financial decisions and achieve the so desired economical well-being for them and their families.

The program is divided in three categories and all of them have the goal of teaching people the functioning of different mechanisms in the financial world. For instance, in the educational material section, you’ll find guides, flyers and educational videos, among other things.

CONDUSEF also offers free courses and certifications online that teach everything you have to know to understand the financial system and start to benefit from the many options that banks and similar institutions offer.

The most flashy part about “Educa tu Cartera” is the children’s section. In there, the youngest can start to learn about money, how to use it and how to protect their future in a fun way with toys, drawings, tales and the like.

CONDUSEF is Like a Swiss Knife

In reference to the credit industry, CONDUSEF appears to have everything covered. If you need trustworthy information to determine which financial institution you’re going to turn to in order to acquire the entrepreneurial credit, the Financial Entity Bureau has everything you need.

If you have any problem, complaint or question regarding banking services, the official webpage of the institution is the perfect platform to solve anything. Moreover, you’re able to process most of the online operations through the “Ventanilla Única Nacional”, Unique National Counter. If you want to learn about the banking system, money and all the mechanisms you have at your disposal, you can do it freely in “Educa tu Cartera”. At the end, it all depends on you.

If you’re searching a perfect company to acquire a credit for your business, contact the Aspiria team and fill out the form in 10 minutes. Our team will study your case and will advise the best for you. Don’t believe me, visit the Financial Entity Bureau and search for our excellent service history.

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